Thursday 6 June 2019

Zegeye's Neat 'Claude Made For Two'!

Zegeye's (Zbyszek Malicki) splendid A5M4-K built from the 1/72 Choroszy Modelbud resin kit has already been shown at Britmodeller but he very kindly offered to share these images of the stages of his build and the finished model with Aviation of Japan.

It is evident from these that considerable work went into enhancing the interior and engine, as well as into construction and painting. 

The model represents an aircraft of the Oita Kokutai. Production of the A5M4 fighter series had terminated in 1940 but development of a two-seat trainer version from the A5M4 airframe was initiated at the 21st Naval Air Technical Station at Omura. The cockpit was moved forward with adjustments to the engine mounting and firewall, making space for a second cockpit behind it. A rollover pylon was added between the cockpits and spin stabilisor strakes were fitted to both sides of the rear fuselage. Spats were removed or replaced by an abbreviated form (as shown on the model). A total of 103 A5M4-K were manufactured.

Of particular note on this model is the excellent effect of subtle surface wear and weathering with the original orange-yellow paintwork showing through the dark green camouflage. Beautifully achieved. 

With special thanks to Zbyszek for sharing these images of his excellent model. 

Image credits: All © 2019 Zbyszek Malicki