Friday 24 December 2021

With Very Best Wishes to All Aviation of Japan Readers for the Christmas Season and New Year

And with very special thanks to those who have very kindly shared images and details of their models (and for their patience!), those who have generously shared the fruits of their research and those who have taken the time to leave comments.

Image credit: Snow at Kiyomizu Hall (1929) by Hasui Kawase (川瀬 巴水, 1883 - 1957) 

Japanese Special Attack Aircraft & Flying Bombs

For those who might have missed it when published in 2009 good news is that Ryusuke Ishiguro and Tadeusz Januszewski's excellent Japanese Special Attack Aircraft & Flying Bombs has been re-printed and is available again from MMP Books. With the reprinting, the originally missing Maru-Ke drawings have been added.  

This superlative book was reviewed here in July 2009 and is very highly recommended. 

With thanks to Ryusuke for advising of the re-print.

Image credit:- © 2021 MMP Books

Monday 13 December 2021

Vintage Japanese Kits For Sale

Peter Garlick of New Zealand writes to offer for sale his vintage kits shown in these photos including some nice examples of early Aoshima and LS kits and an Otaki 1/72 Raiden, as well as some more recent* kits of Japanese subjects. He will ship overseas. If interested please drop me an email and I'll forward it on to him. 

The Tokyo Plamo kits are to odd scales. The Tsurugi is 1/76, the Betty to 1/226, Invader unknown scale. The rare Odaka Irving is reportedly to 1/71 scale. The Otaki jet fighter kits, new to me, are marked as to 1/144 scale.

Peter also wishes to sell a copy of Japanese Aero Engines by Mike Goodwin and Peter Starkings (MMP Books, 2017) . Condition is very good. A brief review of this book was posted here.

* 'More recent' - a relative term for anyone who remembers buying Frog kits new. 

Image credit: All © 2021 Peter Garlick