Tuesday 16 March 2010

Large Scale Japanese Army Pup

Wingnut Wings have rapidly acquired a well-deserved reputation for very high quality large scale models of charismatic Great War subjects and for excellent customer service. Commenting on one of the built up aircraft models a friend of mine observed that you could almost climb into the cockpit and fly it away! They are indeed, to use the vernacular, awesome.

Their most recent 1/32nd scale Sopwith Pup kit (# 32013 - RFC version) will be of interest to Aviation of Japan readers as it contains a markings option for a Japanese Army version, shown here with Wingnut Wings kind permission. The kit consists of high quality Cartograf decals for 5 different aircraft; 110 high quality injection moulded plastic parts, optional side cowls, fixed or adjustable tailplane, engine cowls and 2 propellers; a highly detailed LeRhone 9c 80hp engine; 6 photo-etched metal detail parts; fine in scale rib tape detail and full rigging diagrams.

The superb model shown here, built by Richard Alexander of Wingnut Wings from the kit, represents a Whitehead built Sopwith Pup D4165, as flown by Lt Kawaida in May 1921. Models of early Japanese Army aeroplanes are rare but the opportunity to build one from a kit of this quality is very welcome indeed and Wingnut Wings are to be saluted for including this option. Outstanding.

The kit is only available direct from Wingnut Wings. Other views of the model and more details about this kit, including the other markings options, kit parts and instructions may be seen at their website.

Image credits: ©2010 Wingnut Wings & Ronny Bar; reproduced here with the kind permission of Wingnut Wings


noel said...

Hello Nick;
Neat! Always a pleasure to see such a fine level of workmanship in any scale!

Thank you for taking the time to share this interesting report.

What would you consider among currently available 1/72 scale kits as a worthy IJNAF companion to the Army Sopwith Pup?

Kind Regards: noel

Straggler 脱走兵 said...

Hi noel

The IJN also used the Pup which preceded their use of the Sparrowhawk and Avro types. You can see representations of the IJN Pup here:-


The IJN Pup was used for deck fighter trials (following Royal Navy practice) making experimental flights from a turret platform fitted temporarily to the battleship Yamashiro in 1919 . The trials proved that a 30 ft platform was sufficient for the Pup in a 12 knot combined wind speed. These trials were to provide an interim capability for Japanese capital ships to operate a deck fighter and reconnaissance aircraft until a purpose built seaplane and catapult equipment became available. So, historically the Pup was a significant aircraft for the IJN.

After the trials the Pup was deployed on board the battleship Mikasa when it sailed to Vladivostock to protect White Russian forces. The Pup was flown mainly from an icefield onshore until the Spring of 1920.

The information about the Pup comes from Torao Kuwabura who was directly involved in these trials as an officer in the IJN.

A model of the IJN Pup, turret platform and turret in 1/32nd scale might be something of a challenge (!) but it would make an interesting project in 1/72nd scale .