Monday 5 July 2010

JASIG Extra - Aftermarket Goodies

From JASIG member Derek Cooper, via JASIG Leader Gary Wenko, comes this useful list of links for recently released accessories and aftermarket enhancements for Japanese aircraft types.

1/72 scale

Resin Art 7203 J2M3 interior & exterior sets (for Hasegawa kits)

Resin Art 7303 A6M5 exhausts & wheels (for Hasegawa kits)

Resin Art 7308 J2M3 simplified detailing set (for Hasegawa kits)

1/48 scale

Quickboost 48278 Ki-61-I Gun barrels & pitot tube (for Hasegwaw kits)

Quickboost 48283 Kugisho D4Y1/2 exhausts (for Fine Molds kits)

Quickboost 48290 J1N1-S exhausts (for Tamiya kits)

Quickboost 48294 Ki-43-II exhausts Type B (for Hasegwaw kits)

Quickboost 48295 Ki-43-II exhausts TypeA (for Hasegwaw kits)

Quickboost 48302 Ki-44 exhausts (for Hasegwaw kits)

Quickboost 48303 Ki-100 exhausts (for Hasegawa kits)

Quickboost 48311 Ki-61 undercarriage covers (for Hasegawa kits)

Quickboost 48312 A6M2/5 Zero pitot tubes

Quickboost 48313 F1M2 exhausts (for Hasegawa kits)

Quickboost 48323 F1M2 wire covers (for Hasegawa kits)

Resin Art 4902 J2M3 exhausts & weighted wheels (for Hasegawa kits)

SBS Model 48006 A6M seat (for Hasegawa & Tamiya kits)

SBS Model Ki-43 seat (picture not yet available)

1/32 scale

CMK Q32111 A6M2/5 wheels (for Tamiya kit)

CMK Q32116 A6M2b seat (for Tamiya kit)

Master Casters 32042 Ki-84 seat & frame (for Hasegawa kits)

Master Casters 32048 Ki-44 weighted wheels & seat (for Hasegawa kits) (no picture available)

Quickboost 32072 Ki-44 exhausts (for Hasegawa kits)

Quickboost 32075 Ki-61 undercarriage covers (for Hasegawa kits)

Quickboost 32077 Ki-44-II Hei gun barrels (for Hasegawa kit)

Quickboost 32083 A6M2/5 Zero pitot tubes (for Tamiya kits)

Quickboost 32084 A6M5 exhausts (for Tamiya kit)

Quickboost 32086 A6M2 exhausts (for Tamiya kit)

And one from me. The Rob Taurus range of vacform replacement canopies now available from HLJ. This range includes numerous Japanese types in both 1/72nd and 1/48th scales. The canopies are made of a more rigid material than most vacforms, easier to cut out and install but still crystal clear.

Thanks to Derek and Gary for compiling and sending this information.

Image credits: Author's Collection and ©Resin Art


noel said...

Hello Nick;
Thank you for the update. Now, if only an aftermarket company would see fit to issue a correct late model A6M drop tank!
Kind Regards, noel

Anonymous said...

Hello Nick,

That ATAIUoSEA J2M photo shows the plane's 'set' in the air to good effect. The curvature of the top forward fuselage line is very apparent in the view.

Thanks for taking time to post the Resin Art after market items. Where to obtain the sets?

Ken Glass

Straggler 脱走兵 said...

Hi Ken

The links include the host websites, you just have to modify the URL by deleting the last bit to get back "home".

They are all available from Hannants but according to Resin Art's website they have West Coast Hobbys as USA and Canada importer:-


Anonymous said...

Hi Nick,
I purchased the 1/48 Pete 'wire cover" set mentioned above, I would like to inform other modelers this set should be avoided since the parts are both too small (look like they are 1/72!)and do not reflect the fact the wire covers were of different lengths depending on upper/lower wing. HTH,