Friday 2 September 2011

Recent Kit & Decal Releases

Amodel have released two 1/72nd kits of the Japanese Dakota - the "Tabby" - in L2D2 and L2D3/D4 variants. The kits sell for about £30 each in the UK. I haven't seen them yet and cannot provide any further details so comments are welcome from those who have.

Hasegawa have issued a 'Pearl Harbor Combo' of their 1/72nd Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero - two old kits in a new box with new decals. The Hasegawa kit was and is very presentable but £30 for two? There is a review of this kit here.

Finally,  Techmod have released a set of decals for A6M2 Zero named pilots in 1/48th scale. Two aircraft flown by Tetsuzo Iwamoto are included but all are well known old favourites.

All these new items are available by mail order from Hannants.

Image credits: © Amodel, Hasegawa & Techmod 2011


Ken Glass said...

Hello Nick,

Thanks for the heads up on these items.

Ken Glass

Bob Alford said...

I notice the decals for A6M2 BII-124 from the Hiryu - the aircraft that force landed on Melville Island following the raid by carrier-borne aircraft against Darwin on 19 February 1942. More pocket money gone. Sigh!

Hello Ken - I'll write, I promise.


Bob Alford