Tuesday 28 February 2012

Replica in Scale

Do please visit Replica in Scale, a very nice blog by Phillip Friddell the former creator of that pioneering magazine. It is a very full and eclectic mix of aircraft modelling and real aircraft history, including Japanese subjects, presented in a very engaging and friendly way with plenty of good humour. Highly recommended.

Image credit: © 2010-2012 Replica in Scale (Phillip Friddell)

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Anonymous said...

What a nice Zero! Actually all Phillip's Zeros looked great. Glad to see the use of Floquil Concrete makes such a good presentation as Floquil colours are quite easy to find here in the US. I was considering trying a mix with Testors RLM 02. That is also easy to get and should produce shades within the fading chips you presented a few posts back.

Thanks for posting this, Nick!