Monday 24 December 2012

Best Wishes for Christmas and the New Year

To all friends and readers. Thank you for your continued support, correspondence and contributions during 2012. Peace and Goodwill to All.

Image credit: © 1936 'No Landing Place' by Sqn Ldr J S Millman, MBE., RAF.


Anonymous said...

And the same to you too sir!


Ken Glass said...

Happy holidays to you, Nick. Thanks for your time and effort to make this blog available to us. Best holiday wishes and thanks to those who read and respond here. I look forward to the postings and your responses.

Ken Glass

Mark Smith said...

A magnificent photo! As time allows can you share any background about it? Merry Christmas to all and thanks for a great year of posts, Nick.

R. Vieira said...

I also wish you a Merry Christmas season and a happy and prosperous 2013!
Best wishes,

P.S.: Fantastic photo! It shows(please correct me if I am wrong) a Hawker Hart (or Audax) flying over the NWFP or Himalayas in the 1930s.

Anonymous said...


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you and all others- contributers & visitors of this magnificent blog.


Anonymous said...

Happy 2013!

Anonymous said...


Best wishes in the coming new year. May it be prosperous and healthy!


Straggler 脱走兵 said...

Thanks all. The photo is of a Hawker Hart of the Gilgit flight over the mountains of Karakoram, part of the greater Himalaya. It is taken from my late father's photo album when he served on the NW Frontier of India (now Pakistan) from 1934-1937. A typical RAF five years overseas tour then was three years in India and two in Iraq or vice versa. My father did his two years in Iraq after India and arrived back in England just in time for the war to start.


Anonymous said...

Happy new year 2013!