Tuesday 30 April 2019

Fine Molds 1/72 Zero Prototype & A6M2 Model 11

Several correspondents including Iskender Mailibayev and Li Yen-choo have kindly provided heads ups about this new Fine Molds double kit in 1/72 scale due for release in July this year to commemorate 80 years since the Mitsubishi Zero first flight. The kit features parts and markings for the 12-Shi second prototype (A6M1) and an A6M2 Model 11 as flown by Lt Minoru Suzuki of 12 Ku from Hankow, China in May 1941. Thank goodness it is not a special magazine issue. Price of this two-kit combo is shown as US$36/£27.84 at HLJ

Sprue shots suggest relief mouldings for the A6M1 engine (per the recent Ki-43-I kit) whilst the A6M2 is perhaps a re-iteration of the previous superlative special magazine issue kit. Various airframe configurations for the A6M1 prototypes have been depicted and here is a new one with the artwork appearing to show it painted in RAF Sky, presumably meant to represent designer Jiro Horikoshi's "dimly shining ash green". The A6M2 is depicted in grey (or maybe aluminium?), presumably Gunze Mr Color 35 which is in fact a bright blue-grey rather than the plain, neutral grey currently being peddled in some quarters. 

With thanks to all who have written in with news and images of this kit.

Image credits: Artwork and parts © 2019 Fine Molds Corporation


Ken Glass said...

Thanks for sharing, Nick.

Unknown said...

Finally!! I don't have to pay an exorbitant price for that limited edition Hasegawa and resin release from years ago. Thanks for making me aware Nick!