Wednesday 21 June 2023

Aichi D3A2 from Wingsy in Two Scales

Hat tip to Rob Ronconi for kindly alerting AoJ to a new and forthcoming kit announced by Wingsy of the Aichi D3A2 'Val' to be available in both 1/48 and 1/72 scale editions.

Image credit: © 2023 Wingsy Kits


Dan Salamone said...

I almost fell off my chair yesterday when I saw this on the Wingsy Facebook page. Hopefully they have made a lot of income from the 1/48 109E series and can now get back to projects like this.

Thanks for sharing here Nick,


Straggler 脱走兵 said...

Hi Dan

Thanks. I don't do Facebook so miss out on a few things so am grateful for heads ups!


WK said...

Happy to see this as well, and it looks like they have the wing tip fold in the correct location, unlike the Infinity Models 1/32 D3A1 (they unfortunately modeled the very early design).

Woody K

Mark Smith said...

This makes me think of the late Greg Springer, who made a remarkable 1/48 model of a D3A2 converted from the (Fujimi, I think) D3A1. This was sometime in the 1980s I think. When he pointed out all the work required, I was surprised, having thought it was mostly a matter of the canopy. He of all people would have appreciated this news.

WD said...

This is great news, and like others have said, I hope the income from 109's has made projects like this possible.
I was unaware of Greg Springer's passing, sad news.


Sergio L. de H. Teixeira said...

Awesome news! Let's hope they do a great job on this and release the D3A1 as well, in 1/72!

Kevin Bade said...

Who'da thunk new tool Vals in the three major scales almost all at once? Not me. Great news.