Thursday 21 March 2024

Marabu Design Photo-Etch Sets - Japanese Subjects in 1/72 Scale

Other Japanese subject 1/72 photo-etch sets available from Marabu Design include:-

  • M72013 A6M2 Zero (for Airfix kit)
  • M72020 Yokosuka D4Y1-3 Judy (for AZ model kit)
  • M72028 Nakajima Ki-44 I Shoki (for Sword kit)
  • M72033 Nakajima B5N2 Kate (for Airfix kit)
  • M72040 Kawasaki Ki-61 I-Tei (for Tamiya kit)
  • M72041 Kawasaki Ki-61 I-Otsu or Hei (for Fine Molds kit )
  • M72052 Nakajima Type 91 (for AZ model kit)
  • Shown in the heading image and below is the impressive set M72052 for the Nakajima Type 91 kit, of possible interest to both Japanese and Chinese aircraft enthusiasts. 

    Another excellent set is M72028 designed for the Sword Nakajima Ki-44-I Shoki 'Tojo' and shown in situ below. The annular oil cooler matrix made up from five separate laminates is especially impressive. Cockpit door flaps are included for both sides of the fuselage.

    Set M72013 for the Airfix Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero is equally impressive.

    And the superlative set M72020 for the AZ Model Yokosuka D4Y1-3 'Judy'.

    This set includes the Navigator's Compass Model 1 mounted on the port side fairing between cockpits and visible even beneath the canopy, an instrument which is often either missing or crudely represented in some kits. This compass had a reflector glass and mirror between the pivot frames, not included in the set, so that it could be read horizontally by the navigator. 

    Two sets M72040 and M72041 for the Tei, Otsu and Hei variants of the Ki-61 Hien 'Tony' designed for the Tamiya and Fine Molds kits. Both contain film layers for the instrument panels.

    And finally set M72033 designed for the Airfix Nakajima B5N2 'Kate'.

    All the sets are well presented with clear schematic instructions for assembly. They can probably be adapted in whole or in part for other kits of the intended types, for example the Fujimi 'Judy'.

    With thanks to Radek of Marabu Design for providing these images of the sets.

    Image credit: All © 2024 Marabu Design


    Baronvonrob said...

    Excellent news indeed...very well done upgrade sets for so many aircraft…including the Nakajima Type up on the workbench!

    Sergio L. de H. Teixeira said...

    Those indeed look awesome sets! I'm particularly impressed by ki-44I annular oil cooler, hopefully Marabu would make sets for Ki-45, ki-43I/early II and ki-27, which all have similarly made annular oil coolers which haven't been made with such detail so far...

    Anonymous said...

    All great looking p-e sets. Thanks for this notice, Nick.

    Ken Glass