Tuesday 16 April 2024

Lifelike Decals 1/48 Zero Fighter Update

Lifelike Decals have advised that they have now received Hinomaru decals I and K omitted from their Zero sheet 48-SP-01 and a corrected victory marking for subject # 2 on sheet 48-061 reviewed here.

The correction sheets will be sent to all Lifelike Decals distributors and modellers are advised to approach those from which they originally bought the sheets to request the replacements. Future sales of sheet 48-SP-01 will now include the correct decals.  

With thanks to Keishiro Nagao of Lifelike for this update and for their attention to accuracy and customer service. 

Image credit: © 2024 Lifelike Decals


WK said...

Thank you for the update, Nick.

Mark Smith said...

Always beautifully printed and easy to use. Thanks Nick, thanks Keishiro.

Scott M said...

Thank you for sharing this. I was able to get the correction sheet without any problems.