Tuesday 9 December 2008

Zeke, Hamp & Hemp ~ Postscript

Further to my previous comments about RAF Camouflage Beige - 'Hemp', Moscow Modeller Dmitry Korolkov has very kindly sent me this photograph of a Hasegawa Zero that he test painted last year with Vallejo's 71023 'Hemp'. Thank you Dmitry, and warm greetings to the Moscow modellers interested in Japanese aircraft. 

Image credit: © Dmitry Korolkov 2008


Anonymous said...

Hello Nick,

Thanks for this posting. Its good to see how the various model paint colors under discussion look on a model. Perhaps Dmitry will post a scan of his Fine Molds A6M2 model here when he completes it.

Ken Glass

Anonymous said...

Hey Dmitry- zdrasvuy tovarish :)

Nice to see you here, and must say that your model look stuning. Keep on good work and send us some snow from mother Russia :)