Friday 21 October 2011

Stop Press! New Mold Airfix Zero Released!

Some sprue pics here.

And an in-box review here.

Image credits: Photograph © All-Japan Model Show 2011; Painting guide © 2011 Hornby Hobbies Ltd


Anonymous said...

Excellent! I look forward to seeing this most useful information.

Anonymous said...

Nick, your server will probably crash when this is released! It WILL be popular.I am looking forward to it. Wow, this and a Ki- 44 book, the stars must be aligned just right.... Best, Pat Donahue

Unknown said...

WOW! :) Can't wait it, Nick! :)

Bob Alford said...

...and the best part is it will be accurate and finally put to bed the various theories espoused by the so-called 'experts' on all colours Japanese ;-)

Congratulations Nick.

Bob Alford
Lampang Thailand

Stefan Sjöberg said...

Great Nick,

I´m so glad you keep on producing this stuff. Thanks!

All the best/Stefan

Anonymous said...

Excellent. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Anxiously waiting for that material! Thank you in advance for that summary.

Anonymous said...

What I have seen so far of the new Airfix Zero looks good and I trust Nicks Painting Guide will be the best
available on this subject, now- when available I'll buy the new kit , dig up my old ones and start all over again.


FalkeEins said...

looking forward to this and the new book...congrats on that too

WilliamR said...

This is very welcome information and I'm anticipating seeing this long overdue and important document. I'm so happy that I've shelved my early Zero-Sen projects, most especially the 1/32 Tamiya, Zero 21b.


Andreas said...

Nick, you are a hero.
I will gladly use you guide and will buy your book.