Thursday 2 January 2014

Notice of Update ~ Japanese Twins and Mark Smith's Toryu

I have now added to and corrected the data on the 8th Sentai Ki-48 tail markings discussed here. When that blog was written it was intended to continue with a 'season' on Japanese twins including in-depth explorations of Ki-45 colours and Ki-46 interceptor colours - long and complex articles both. That 'season' appears to have stretched a bit and will now have to extend into 2014! Hopefully it will be worth the wait for regular AoJ readers!

In the meantime Mark Smith has very kindly shared these images of his very sharp looking and seasonal Ki-45 presentation model which rather unbelievably was made from the 1973  Imai kit to 1/144th scale (and subsequently re-issued by Hasegawa with the same box art). Looking good for forty!

Another variant of the Imai Ki-45 box art is shown here together with other interesting box art in a post from Arawasi.

Image credits: Model photos © 2014 Mark Smith; Box art © Imai/Hasegawa via web


F_IV said...

Congratulations Mark Smith. That is a superb effort. An absolute gem.

Ken Glass said...

Nice work, Mark.

Ken Glass