Sunday 12 January 2014

The 1/48th Models of John Haas

Veteran modeller John Haas from the Netherlands has very kindly shared these stunning images of three of his 1/48th scale models of Japanese experimental types. No kits were harmed in the production of these masterpieces - they were all built from scratch in a variety of materials, including wood and plastic, which John declares provides more fun and satisfaction. As the photographs show John is no mean photographer either!  

Yokosuka R2Y-1 Keiun

The Yokosuka R2Y-1 Keiun (景雲 - Scenic Cloud) was a Navy prototype reconnaissance aircraft   with coupled engines driving a single six-bladed propeller. A turbojet powered light bomber version was also envisaged but the prototype was destroyed in a bombing raid after only one test flight in May 1945.

Tachikawa Ki-94-II

Tachikawa's Ki-94-II was a very large single engined fighter developed from an earlier twin boom design and featuring cockpit pressurisation and a turbo supercharged engine for high altitude bomber interception. A heavy armament of two 30mm Ho-155 and two 20mm Ho-5 wing mounted cannon cannon was planned. The first prototype, with a four bladed propeller was being readied for a preliminary test flight when the war ended, whilst the second prototype, intended to have a six bladed propeller, was still under construction. 

Nakajima J5N-1 Tenrai

The Nakajima J5N-1 Tenrai (天雷 Heavenly Thunder) was designed as a fast twin-engined single seat multi-role fighter for the Imperial Navy and John's model represents the third of six prototypes built, two of which were completed as two seat aircraft possibly with the intention of incorporating radar. The first prototype flew in July 1944  but despite Tenrai's  good looks its performance did not match its expected potential. 

Image credits: Models and photographs all ©  2014 John Haas


Dan Salamone said...

Wonderful artistry with these models John, thanks for posting them Nick.I really can appreciate how much work goes into scratch building an entire model, even making certain parts from scratch can be a time consuming endeavor.


Calin Ungureanu said...

Excelent work John !
I've made some simple projects from scratch also. It's very rewarding.
The colors are great too. Even the yellowish transparent from the Keiun looks good. It gives it a sense of aged plexiglass.
Nick, thanks for sharring.

Ken Glass said...

Thanks for sharing, John and Nick.

Ken Glass

Mark Smith said...


These are all beautifully done, and of subjects we never see in model form. I'd be interested to know how much time is required for a typical project. Thanks for showing these, Nick.

George Bryant said...

Beautiful workmanship. I'm envious of your abilities. Thanks so much for sharing.

Karel Struna said...

Great models!

Can You tell me what kind of blue color You used on J5N-1 Tenrai, please?

John Haas said...


I think you mean the upper colour?
I used Hubrol Nr.77 over that went a coat of matt varnish.

John Haas

Ronnie Olsthoorn said...

Wow, incredible work! I love scratchbuilt models and smaller doesn't necessarily mean easier. These are stunners! Super mooi werk John!!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic work!