Saturday 3 February 2018

Imminent & Missed New Releases in 1/72 ~ Aircraft Kits

Due in March is Tamiya's new tool Kawasaki Ki-61-I Tei with two markings options for 244th Sentai commander Kobayashi's '24' and an aircraft of 19 Hiko Sentai.  About £8.50 direct from Japan - and probably a lot more if you buy it in the UK.  

Also due in March RS Models Nakajima Ki-67 with a couple of 'what-if' options, one more probable than the other. About £16 (€22) direct from RS. A Ki-67-II is also forthcoming. Both kits have splendid box art.  

Due this month is AviS Ki-10-I. Not sure if this is a straight re-issue of their previously released limited run kit or incorporates any improvements/changes. About £13.50 direct from Japan. 

Also due this month is a re-issue of the neat resin Platz Ki-78 Kensan with a "Girls und Panzer" anime makeover. But pricey at about £45 direct from Japan. The real Ki-78 in two guises can be also be made from the kit and decals are by Cartograf.  

I missed this Hasegawa re-release of their Mitsubishi G4M2 as a Philippines campaign Limited Edition kit. It was out last month and already showing as 'Backordered' at HLJ. About £17.50 direct from Japan but around £40 in the UK (if you can find one).  

Same deal with the Hasegawa S2F-1 (S-2A) Tracker in JMSDF guise also released last month. About £14.45 direct from Japan and £35 in UK. 

The Brengun Yokosuka MXY7 Model 11 Ohka was due out at the end of January but still showing as 'Order Stop' at HLJ. About £10 from Japan. This kit is all plastic with an injected moulded canopy, trestle stand and decals for three options. An obvious partnership arises!

AZ Models Nakajima Type 91 in Kwangsi Air Force guise is also due and 'Order Stop'. About £15 from Japan and £12 in UK.

If I've missed any other important Japanese aircraft kits in 1/72 please drop me a line to let me know, thanks!

Image credits: All box art © 2018 Tamiya, RS Models, AviS, Platz, Hasegawa, Brengun & AZ Models via HobbyLink Japan


WD said...

I'd love to jump on one of the Tamiya 1/72nd Ki61's if I didn't already have a few of the Fine Molds offerings in the stash.
I keep hoping Hasegawa will give us a re-tool of G4M1/G4M2.


Diego Fernetti said...

Interesting! I do wonder if the Avis Ki-10 would be a re-issue of the ICM Ki-10 (and some of its minor faults)

Ronnie Olsthoorn said...

Nice selection!
Too bad the decals on the Tamiya kit are wrong. Way too much red, that fuselage stripe was definitely blue.