Monday 26 March 2018

Update ~ Rising Decals Ki-45

In response to a query have updated the Rising Decals 'Flight of No Return' review with paint ratio correction and clarification for the "Dark Green" Mr Color paint mix cited for the Ki-45 subjects. The Mr Color paint mix as suggested by Hasegawa results in a rich olive brown presumably intended to represent the # 7 colour. Note that the colour as mixed and depicted by Hasegawa (below) is not a "reddish brown". The subject of "brown" Toryu (and Ki-46) will be addressed in more detail in a future blog.

Image credit: Paint chip © 2018 Aviation of Japan; Box Art © 2014 Hasegawa Corporation via Hobby Search Japan


Mark Smith said...

Thanks Nick - at the end of the day, remarkably close to the color of Mr. Sopwith's early airplanes which inspired initial Japanese designs. Definitely PC10-ish!

Ken Glass said...

Hello Nick,

Thanks for the info.

Ken Glass