Wednesday 30 May 2018

Japanese Anti-Submarine Aircraft in the Pacific War

An official video preview of this forthcoming book by Ryusuke Ishiguro and Tadeusz Januszewski from Mushroom Model Publications (MMP Books) is now available online:-

. . . and excellent it looks too! As well as enlightenment there is plenty of inspiration for some new mainstream kits and decals. The Kokusai Ki-76, Aichi H9A and Kyushu K11W are long overdue.

Image credit © 2017/18 MMP Books


Dan Salamone said...

This book feels like my holy grail....already on pre-order.

A 1/48 Jake and Lorna would be spectacular! Thanks for this preview Nick.

David S. said...

"Marker Bomb Rotary Launcher" - absolutely fascinating!

Looks like it was more than well worth the wait.

Ken Glass said...

Hello Nick,

Thanks for this notice.

Ken Glass