Sunday 27 June 2021

Notice: American Aircraft for the RAF Blog

The 'Amair4raf' blog was closed in 2018 for various reasons but the content is still extant and I have just blogged a short article there about a well-known P-40K. There is a lot more previously unpublished  content on the subject of US export and RAF colours, including SEAC, which I plan to continue to post  albeit infrequently. As before access to the blog will be by invitation and sign-in but on a very limited basis - verified and trusted friendlies only! 

Please email me with a request as I no longer have email addresses for all previous members, thanks. 


WD said...

Thank you Nick! I had access to this some years ago, but after two computer meltdowns/losses, I lost the information you sent me to access the blog.


Ken Glass said...

Thanks for reviving this blog, Nick.

Ken Glass

Terry said...

Nick -

Your blogs are a treasure trove of information (I still miss your SEAC blog). I am delighted to hear that you're making American Aircraft for the RAF available again, albeit on a limited basis. As Ken said, I thank you for reviving it!

Terry Burns

Straggler 脱走兵 said...

Thanks Warren, Ken and Terry. I'll be incorporating SEAC subjects within Amair4raf but I should have mentioned to please request an invitation by dropping me an emai, thanks.


Bob Alford said...

Thanks Nick - that is one blog I have missed and I look forward to further items even if infrequently.

Bob Alford

MDriskill said...

This is very exciting news - I have missed that blog a lot!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick,

How about a re-admittance to your blog? Would greatly appreciate it.

Many thanks,
Jim / expositor

Baronvonrob said...

Such exciting news!..having missed out on the first go-around, I am fascinated!

Tally Ho :)

Richard said...

Great news! Thanks Nick!

Diego Fernetti said...

That's great! Once one of my favourite blogs, I hope to be able to read it again!!

Mustang51 said...


Can you send me your email address please. I have a great interest in this subject and would like to be able to join the conversation with you and everyone. I am not a member of this forum but shall join. Regards Peter

Straggler 脱走兵 said...

Hello Peter

Thanks for your interest. I'm not sure where to send the address. Please use one of the sidebar links to contact me, thanks.


Milo Burgh said...

Thanks Nick. I had access years ago but later I was unable to login. I´ll aply again.


dude163 said...

Did I miss the cutoff?