Saturday 8 October 2022

Nichimo Super-Micro 'Samurai' Kits

In response and follow-up to the blog post about the tiny Nichimo E7K2 kit from their 1/.300 scale Super-Micro 'Samurai' series, correspondent Mike Driskill has very kindly shared these images of his own collection of other IJN aircraft types in that range together with the rather splendid display base he created for them. On the display base (shown below) a 1/144 scale F-Toys N1K1-J provides a scale reference.

Initially attracted to the floatplanes Mike went on to acquire as many of the kits as he could find. He considers them to be remarkably nice considering their age and size, and the instructions even make suggestions for detail additions as shown below (note extra Jake struts in dashed lines) and for conversions (Rex prototype). 

Mike managed to assemble most, added a few details, hollowed out radial cowls, etc., but never got the overall project finished as he was stymied by the biplanes! Seeing the models and the display base here it is a project that deserves completion.

The images reveal that the subjects are well-shaped and pleasing given the limitations of the scale. In another comment Mike has speculated about the full extent of the range as 'Rufe', 'Jack', 'Grace', and a radial-engine 'Judy' are conspicuously absent from this otherwise impressive selection of major IJNAF single-engined wartime types. The range did extend beyond Japanese types as this website explores, with images of some of the models painted with decals applied, including 'George', 'Rex, 'Pete' and 'Jake'.  The site also provides details of other manufacturers 1/300 and near scale aircraft kits. 

Nichimo or Nichimoco as they became gave up the plastic model kits business in 2013 after 62 years but this blog's retrospective on the company's aircraft kits failed to include these 1/300 scale kits. Sadly none of the Nichimo moulds seem to have re-surfaced under other brand names. 

With very special thanks to Mike for extending knowledge about this range of kits and for sharing these images.

Image credit: All photos © 2022 Mike Driskill


Jim Anderson said...

What an interesting collection. I've never knew anything at all about them and what a selection. That you have the original boxes is amazing. Thank you Nick for giving us a look and Mike for putting them on display.

Baronvonrob said...

Thanks for bringing these fascinating kits to the forefront, I really enjoyed seeing the excellent and creative display base.

Gratitude to both Mike and Nick !

Kevin Bade said...

Burns kit collector guides show 18 of the Micro series issued all variations of the kits Mike listed. I have the first nine they are quite nice. Laughed my butt off at WK's comment about Nichimo torture devices. Indeed when my Mark I eyeball didnt have as much mileage on it maybe I could've built so likely.

WD said...

Thanks Nick and Mike, wonderful stuff.


MDriskill said...

I appreciate everyone's kind comments! I actually have two full sets of the 18 Japanese as seen on the half-done shelf of doom, the other un-started. Those 18 double boxings include 11 different pairings, as seen in the first photo.

Some of the kits include half of a hinged plastic box, perhaps thus intended to store 4 completed models? But they seem too small for that...odd.

As Nick noted, Nichimo's "Super-Micro" 1/300 series also had several kits of then-modern US Navy aircraft. These larger subjects are molded in gray and packaged singly. I found a YouTube showing a Skyhawk, Intruder, Vigilante, Corsair II, Phantom, F-14, and E-2 Hawkeye.

Ken Glass said...

Thanks again to Mike & Nick for this info.