Wednesday 2 November 2022

ICM Ki-21 'Sally' Step By Step Construction

Hat tip to Peter Zanella for the heads up to this step by step construction video for the new ICM 1/72 Ki-21-I 'Sally'. Nice details. Interior colour should be the dark blue-grey throughout. 

Image credit: © 2022 ICM via YouTube


Ken Glass said...

It's great to see ICM building up modeler's anticipation for their forthcoming release like this! Thanks for sharing, Nick.

Kevin Bade said...

Nice video of the assembly procedure. If only my modelling went so calmly and peacefully. ;).Got it ordered and tracking its arrival at my door. We are so fortunate right now, us Japanese aviation modellers.

Danilo said...

Looks a great model! Let's hope the reality is not disappointing

Simo Leppänen said...

Hi Nick,

I have been meaning to request access to your other blog for a long time. But now when I click 'contact' nothing happens, it seems that the link doesn't work. Do you have an email address where I can send my 'official' request?

Kind regards

Simo Leppänen

Straggler 脱走兵 said...

Hello Simo

I've checked the email link and it seems to work ok. I think it depends on the settings in your own email system?.


Straggler 脱走兵 said...

PS If that doesn't work you can drop me a line via the private messaging at Britmodeller.


Fred boucher said...

Exciting looking model. Looks like a lot of internal detail. Last January or so I finally snared the old Revell Sally. Took me 45 years but I finally got a hold of one. Now I can put it with my Revell Helen. Whether or not I'll ever get the chance to build them, you all know about as well as I do. All the same, I really look forward to seeing where these ICM Sally's built and painted.

Mark Newton said...

I've just received my ICM Sally, my initial impression is that it's a very nicely produced kit. I've also got an old Takara/Revell Sally, I think I'll build them together as a comparison.