Thursday 30 November 2023

Aichi E7K2 'Alf' in 1/72 by Rob Ronconi

Continuing the IJN floatplanes theme with a splendid and superbly photographed 1/72 model of the Aichi E7K2 'Alf' Type 94 Reconnaissance Seaplane Model 2 made from the 2022 AVI Models kit AV72021 by Rob Ronconi. Rob also built AVI's E7K1 in parallel which will be featured here shortly.

Rob made the model pretty much out of the box noting a few fit problems to overcome but appreciating the final result. He added a Fine Molds Type 92 machine gun from their plastic Nano Aviation series with some photo etch ring and bead parts, Uschi Van der Rosten rigging and an Albion Alloys custom pitot tube. 

The model represents an aircraft カシ-83 (KaShi-83) of the Kashima (not Kashiwa) Ku using the decals of one of the kit's three markings options. An IJN seaplane training base had been established at Lake Kasumigaura in 1938 with the Kashima Kokutai formed there in May 1938. Traces of the seaplane slip still remain and the photo below shows a Kashima Ku 'Jake' KaShi-96 being prepared for launching from the catapult on the slip. 

Remains of Kashima Seaplane Training Base today

With special thanks to Rob for sharing these images of his excellent model.

Image credit:- All model photos © 2023 Rob Ronconi; Jake photo Web; Aerial photo Google Maps 


WK said...

Loving these seaplanes, please keep them coming.

Alex said...

Excellent result. Especially for such an old kit. Thanks for sharing.

David Brizzard said...

Always enjoy seeing floatplanes.

Michael Thurow said...

This is indeed a beautiful model which perfectly presents the attractive lines of Alf. Very well done, Ron! Since I like the earlier E7K1 with the V-engine even more I'm eagerly expecting your next post.

Jim Anderson said...

A wonderful presentation Rob. This "Alf" is the version I always wanted Hasegawa to issue. The cockpits, propeller and the beaching dolly show your masterful attention to detail. Nick this is another pearl on the necklace.

Kevin Bade said...

Another winner from the bench of the industrious Mr. Ronconi. Always liked the looks of the radial Alf and good to see this kit built. Admire your paintwork and subtle weathering as well as your use of natural light for photographing which brings out the realism.Can't wait to see the pointy-nose version.

WD said...

A lovely result from what I bet was not an easy build. I do love the weathering, particularly on the floats.


Mark Smith said...

The beautifully rendered propeller, the thin wings nicely weathered, cowl flaps cracked open, clean rigging... so many nice touches belie this model's scale. Great job, Ron.

Interesting overhead shot of the Kashima ramp, thanks Nick.