Tuesday 18 August 2009

Battle Over The Homeland 1946

Two of the many things I like about Ronnie Olsthoorn's (aka "Skyraider3d") stunning aviation art is the way he manages to convey a real sense of altitude and terrific movement in the scenes. This image of Mansyu Ki-98 pushers of the 4th Hiko Sentai intercepting flying wings over Japan in late 1946 was created for the cover of Edwin M Dyer III's forthcoming book 'Japanese Secret Projects - Experimental Aircraft of the IJA and IJN 1939-1945' to be published by Midland to be published later this year (I hope!).

It is a great pleasure and privilege to be able to showcase both the art and the book here at Aviation of Japan. One to watch out for and Midland Publishing have a winner in their 'Secret Projects' series not least for the exceptionally imaginative and inspiring cover art.

More wonderful images may be found in Ronnie's galleries here and here and prints of his superb aviation art may be obtained here.

Now all we need is for one of the mainstream Japanese kit companies to "do a Revell" and bring some more of the exotic aircraft from 'Japan 1946' to the 1/72nd scale shelves!

Image credit:- © 2009 Ronnie Olsthoorn & Midland Publishing

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noel said...

Hello Nick; Thanks for the news, title looks interesting going back to '39. I'm a little curious about "secret projects" 1937-1942. As for new mold 1/72, let's wish for a new tool SALLY! Cheer's