Monday 13 June 2011

Update - Aoshima Kits

Added Farpro and UPC Shiun 'Norm' box art to the Aoshima Pt 2 blog. If anyone has more Aoshima (or Aosima) box art - or any of the re-boxed art for Aoshima kits from other companies please send it in, thanks.

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Ken Glass said...

Hello Nick,

Thanks to you and Jacob Terlouw for posting all the various box top images. About half of them were new to me.

Do the Hobby Boss kits of today serve as the equivalent of the old Aoshima kit line of the mid to late 1960s? Hobby entry level kits for beginners to try their hand at, before moving on to more expensive, and accurate models, after honing some basic skills.

Ken Glass