Saturday 28 July 2012

John Coverley's 1/32nd Hasegawa Ki-44 Hei

From correspondent John Coverley come photos of his excellent 1/32nd Hasegawa model of the Nakajima Ki-44 Hei 'Tojo'.

The model was painted with a combination of Alclad laquers, Mr. Color laquers and W.E.M. Colourcoat enamels. John opened up the starboard cockpit door and used fibre glass tape for the over the shoulder straps. The exhausts were resin replacements and the kit main undercarriage parts were replaced with white metal castings.

This colourful model represents an aircraft of the 47th Sentai engaged in air defence operations over Japan in the last year of the war.

Image credits: All © 2012 John Coverley


Ken Glass said...

Beautiful workmanship, John. Thanks for letting us see the build.

Ken Glass

noel said...

Hello Nick; Thank you for posting these images. A fine looking model and a nice set of figures as well. Very inspirational! Cheers, noel

bikinimao said...



Milo Burgh said...

¡Very nice!
First time I see a sky blue rear fuselage strip.

GeeBee said...

Nice & colourful !

Mark Smith said...

A striking model, John, beautifully done.

Mark Smith

johnc said...

Thanks everyone for all the kind comments.Nice to know that people appreciate my models the same way I appreciate theirs.
John C