Tuesday 15 April 2014

Aoshima 1/72 Ki-100-II Announced

Due from Aoshima in May and following on from their two excellent Ki-100 kits is a new 1/72nd scale kit of the Kawasaki Ki-100-II which they describe as the 'Type 5 Fighter II Exhaust Turbine Type'. Three prototypes were built and it was the lightest turbo-supercharged fighter of WWII. This will be good news for those who like prototypes and experimentals or creating development line ups, also offering plenty of scope for 'what if' builds.

Image credits: © 2014 Aoshima via HobbyLink Japan (HLJ)


Madoc Pope said...

How is this kit different from the RS Models rendering?

What are the particular differences between this and other K-100 Type 5 kittings?

I have the FineMolds Ki-100 in both "early" and "late" versions. What is different about this one?



Straggler 脱走兵 said...

Hi Madoc

I don't know how this compares to the RS Ki-100-II kit as I haven't seen this one yet. I guess it is based on their recently released Ki-100 Ko and Otsu kits which compare favourably with the RS Ki-100 kits.

The RS kits sell for £13-14 each whereas the Aoshima and the Fine Molds kits are approx £8.50 each (direct from Japan).

Fine Molds do not make a Ki-100-II. I'll try to do a proper kits comparison in a future blog.


Madoc Pope said...


Any word on this kit since then?