Sunday 15 September 2019

Lifelike Decals 1/48 Nakajima Ki-43 Part 2

In a further demonstration of their attention to detail and integrity Lifelike Decals have issued an updated correction sheet and instructions for their set 48-042, Part 2 of two excellent sets of decals for the Nakajima Ki-43 first released and reviewed in 2012. The correction sheet reflects additional information gleaned since then. If interested in obtaining the correction sheet and instructions please contact Lifelike directly. 

48-042 contains markings for the following five subjects as shown:-
  • Type I of 11th Sentai, flown by Sentai Commander Maj K Sugiura; a well-known and colourful scheme originating from a profile in Koku Joho magazine in 1964. Lifelike have depicted the aircraft in an attractive two-tone camouflage scheme associated with this Sentai rather than the usual plain dark green.
  • Type II of 204th Sentai, flown by Sentai Commander Maj Torashiro Aizawa; although not apparent on the reference photo used the serial number of this aircraft is 5929 (manufactured in September, 1943), as reported by RAF Intelligence on examination of its remains at Akyab main airfield. Another 204 Sentai Hayabusa was also found at Akyab -  s/n 6008 - with similar colour and markings (green camouflage with red flash on white fin leading edge) but three black fuselage stripes each 3" wide with 2.5" between the stripes. The 14" total width of the three stripes was replicated on each side between the Hinomaru and white senchi hiyoshiki band.  
  • Type I of 64th Sentai, flown by 2nd Chutai acting leader Capt S Nakamura; an additional sheet in the set includes 'silver' (natural metal) rectangles (decal # 40) for positioning the serial number '663' (decal # 41) on the rear fuselage of this aircraft. 
  • Type III of 29th Shinbu-tai (Special Attack Unit)
  • Type III of an unidentified Special Attack Unit; with additional markings gleaned from a photograph provided by Mr Hirokazu Sugiyama. In this photograph it can be seen that the aircraft has dark painted central bands on the ailerons and elevators. In the original sheet the size and location of the yellow '12' was misjudged. and the small '2-' at the root of the vertical tail overlooked. The correct size and position of the yellow '12' and the small '2-' are now provided on an additional sheet.

Recommended kits are the Hasegawa Ki-43-I and Ki-43-II, the Arii (ex-Otaki) Ki-43-II and the Fine Molds Ki-43-III Ko. As usual for Lifelike there are copious and illuminating notes provided for each subject together with the references used and a clear indication of speculation regarding colours.

With special thanks to Keishiro Nagao of Lifelike Decals for kindly sending the updated sheet for review.

Image credit: © 2019 Lifelike Decals


Ronnie Olsthoorn said...

Nice subjects! Nr. '413" is new to me. Unusual to see such large numbers on the fuselage of a JAAF subject. Is it related to the construction number?

Ken Glass said...

Thanks for the heads-up, Nick.