Tuesday 1 April 2008

The Zero Colour Conundrum ~ Part 2

Japanese colour researcher Katsushi Owaki kindly sent measured Munsell values from several Mitsubishi & Nakajima built Zero artifacts extant in Japan. I have rendered these as colour chips with the facsimile copies of the I3 and J3 chips from the Kariki 117 document for comparison.

Here are the first of the Mitsubishi built samples as listed by Owaki-san. I am preparing a table showing these together with their FS 595b and RAL equivalents. Click on each of the images above for full size views.

Please bear in mind that the samples are probably age darkened and ambered. Prior to collection the paint probably suffered weathering and ultra violet exposure to various degrees. Therefore the current appearance should only be taken as an approximate guide to their original colour.

Further discussion about the use of I3 as a midcoat and J3 as a topcoat may be found at the Fuku BBS forum.  Additional examples of extant artifacts from Zeros may also be seen at A6M232's own website.

With grateful thanks to Owaki-san for the data and to Ken Glass for assistance in calculating the sRGB values for the Munsell fractional notations.

Image credit: Rendered colour chips ©Straggler 2008

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