Friday 2 October 2009

18th Dokuritsu Hiko Chutai Ki-15

This absolutely beautiful model of a Ki-15 in the markings of the 18th Dokuritsu Hiko Chutai (Independent Flying Squadron) and the tri-colour camouflage of the China theatre was built by Polish modeller Zbyszek Malicki and it is a delight to feature it here at Aviation of Japan.

The model is to 1/72nd scale and was built from the LS kit, subsequently issued by Arii, and still available here. My thanks to Mr Maliki for kindly sharing it with us. It is an appropriate precursor to the penultimate exploration of Army interior colours and the investigation of Army browns which will both feature shortly.

Image credit: © 2009 Zbyszek Malicki


Anonymous said...

Great looking model, Zbyszek.

Ken Glass

Anonymous said...

I've seen Malicki's other work on a Czech model site. He's very good!

remjr33 said...

Looks GREAT! Make me want to find one and build it! Thanks for the pictures.

Bruce said...

I realise that this is off-topic, but I've been reading your blog furiously trying to catch up on the last 2 years.

I Thought you might like to know that this modeller does some research on his chosen subjects. I wanted to make the Ki-61 in it's varied forms thru the Ki-100 series and in 1/32nd scale. Fairly daunting, that.

I have several arrangement and armament sources, Japanese and American, including color references by Thorpe, Bueschel, and Model-Art. I've been chasing down little doo-dads to add interest and appropriate squadron markings either in decal form or by painting what is found in 'Japanese Military Aircraft(IJA)' by Eduardo Cea and 'Hien Fighter Group' by Takashi Sakurai.

I now have visual representations of a/c color to improve the realism of these projects thanks to your color research and your passion for your hobby.

I am enjoying this blog and your contributors. You'll probably hear from me again as my own project progresses. I look forward to your reissued Thorpe Colour Table.

Anonymous said...

This model is just fantastic, I'm building a ki 15 scale 1/4 and if it is possible to have information on its color.

Thank you very much

P.S. sorry for the English translated by google