Friday 12 February 2010

Exquisite Fine Molds A6M2 Zero

There are not many images of built-up models of the superlative Fine Molds 1/72nd scale Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero (perhaps because of the odd way it was sold and the price!) - so it is a real pleasure to be able to show these pictures of Joe Youngerman's beautiful creation. Hard to believe that this is not in a larger scale but doubly impressive is the fact that Joe chose the more unusual dark green rather than more common grey option from the kit.

Joe used White Ensign Models paints to create his replica of a 263rd Ku machine, with the exception of the cowling which was finished with Model Master Gun Metal Acrylic.

For those visitors who may not have had the opportunity to appreciate the beauty and detail of this kit a couple of in box reviews may be found here and here.

Image credit: ©2010 Joe Youngerman


Anonymous said...

All I can say is...superb.

Anonymous said...

Great build, Joe.

Ken Glass

Stefan Sjöberg said...

Very, very nice.

Regards/Stefan Sjöberg

Bob Alford said...

I recently purchased the kit and found it to be excellent in detail and fit - probably the best A6M2 kit I have seen in any scale.

But, I fell into the trap of believing from the initial review that you had to purchase Issues 11 and 12 to get both parts of the kit - the review intimated that they were separate when in fact it is a packaged combination. So, I ordered two and lo, I now have two Zekes to assemble - with a kit like this the only hardship is on the hip pocket and I can live with that.

I'm looking forward to assembling these as representative of BII-124 downed over Darwin on 19 February 1942 and of 3 Ku/Ku 202, which provided escorts over Darwin during 1942/43.

A superb kit and worth every Baht.

Bob Alford
Lampang Thailand

Anonymous said...

As others have said, simply superb, and it serves as a great inspiration to me to get started on one of mine. And yes, I have thought of doing at least one of these kits in the dark green. ;)