Tuesday 20 April 2010

More Rising Decals

Recent transfer sheets from Rising Decals provide yet more options for Japanese aircraft modellers wishing to choose more unusual subjects.

RD72029 'Donated Birds' features four IJN subjects with "Houkoku" ("Patriotism") dedications for aircraft  purchased by public or corporate subscription.  'Houkoku-532' is an A6M2 Zero from Kaga with twin red fuselage stripes. The decal sheet provides basic stencilling and a very neatly printed data plate. 'Houkoku-1006' is a Mitsubishi G4M1 "Betty" during the Solomon Islands campaign. Hasegawa's early "Betty" from the 1960's is a bit dated now with chunky construction and heavy rivets but with some TLC a very nice model can still be achieved. 'Houkoku-525' is an Aichi D3A1 "Val" during the Pearl Harbour attack and is a command aircraft from the 1st wave dive-bombing attack. Finally, 'Houkoku-265' is a Nakajima B5N1 "Kate" of the Takuma Ku in 1944. This is one of the unusual aircraft with a white rectangular "flag" behind the fuselage Hinomaru and a white fin leading edge flash. The notes comment that it probably carried a practice torpedo.  This is an attractive and colourful set, especially for modellers who want classic IJN types but with something a little different to the standard presentation. The recommended colours are from the "Gunze" (GSI Creos) Mr Color range. Please refer to the Rising website for corrections to the captions on the decal sheet kindly provided by Mr. Daisuke Yasutake.

RD72031 'J-Birds' is a splendid set of colourful decals for Japanese aircraft in civil service. 'J-ABTQ' is a Ki-9 biplane trainer used by Japan's Ministry of Communications and the yellow trainer finish is sparked up by prominent black and white fuselage bands. A very good choice with the recent release of the kit. 'J-AJTR' a civil-operated Ki-27 "Nate" is my favourite in this set, as I have wanted to model it ever since seeing Hisao Saitoh's model with the insignia made using his own stencils. Now Rising have made this project a much easier proposition! The combination of civil registrations, school insignia, Hinomaru and black/white bands make this another colourful and unusual choice. 'J-BAWI' is a Hansa type floatplane perated by Sakai City Schoolchildren's Flying Association in 1932. This stunning aircraft has huge "cherry blossom" insignia and will make an impressive model. Rising thoughtfully provide two versions of the Japanese characters on the fuselage as the order of their presentation on the aircraft's starboard side is unknown. Finally, 'J-BAOI' is a cobalt blue painted Beechcraft C-17E used by Nihon Koku Yuso Kabushiki Kaisha with black and white registrations and red trim, all of which is included. This is a very colourful and imaginative decal sheet and hopefully will be followed by more Japanese civilian subjects.

Highly recommended.

Image credits: All ©2010 Rising Decals

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