Monday 17 May 2010

Fine Molds Navy Carrier Dive Bomber "Suisei"

Something of a "French Connection" going on with Aviation of Japan at the moment. Master modeller Jean Barby has kindly shared photographs of his superb Fine Molds "Judy" build in 1/48th scale.

Jean comments that the build was straightforward despite what he had read about this kit here and there. He made good use of the specific photo etch set available from Fine Molds to improve the level of detail but also added rivets to the airframe using the plan in Bunrin Do's Famous Aircraft of the World # 69 on this type, and it really makes a difference to the overall appearance of the model. Jean applied paint from the GSI Creos (Gunze) Mr Color range, choosing Mitsubishi IJN green and grey, and used British dark green for the cockpit which was a near perfect match to a sample of interior colour from the real aircraft. Finally a Squadron vacform canopy was used to replicate the moveable parts of the long greenhouse, to achieve a presentation typical of the way the aircraft looked on the ground.

Thank you Jean!

Image credits: All photographs courtesy of and ©2010 Jean Barby


Anonymous said...

Great work, Jean.

Ken Glass

noel said...

Well Done!
The shade of brown selected for the propeler and spinner is quite nice as are the aircrew figures.
Cheers, and thank you for posting.

Anonymous said...

As always a wonderful creation from Jean.....the opened canopy really sets it apart as well. Maybe we can see Jean's Pete here too? ;-)

Mark Smith said...

Magnifique! I would like to know a bit more about how the finish was achieved.

Those thinner vac canopies make all the difference. Great work, thanks Jean, and for showing it to us Nick.

Mark Smith