Thursday 7 October 2010

Medal Winning Ohka from Russia

One of the best things about managing this blog is receiving emails from Japanese aircraft enthusiasts and modellers from all over the world, not just across the Anglosphere, with news of their own interesting projects.

From regular correspondent Dmitri Korolkov come these photos  of his 11-years old son's first kit, a 1/72nd scale Hasegawa Ohka. This beautiful and accomplished model was submitted to DiSHow-2009 (a Moscow online model contest) and was awarded the 2nd Place Silver medal in the Junior grade by the judging panel and also the 1st Place Gold Medal in internet voting. A short feature on building the model (in Russian) is here and some more pictures from the model contest are here. The attention to detail, presentation and observation of colour of this tiny model would put many an experienced and older modeller to shame. Very well done!

Recently I also received a lovely email and photos of some Japanese aircraft models from a model show in Guatamala and news of a small but dedicated group of Japanese aircraft enthusiasts in Guatamala and El Salvador (I'm waiting for permission to show those photos too).

Sometimes when we are bemoaning the lack of English language references on this subject we might spare a thought for those enthusiasts in countries across the globe where neither Japanese nor English is the first language and it is sometimes much more difficult to obtain relevant kits and books with which to pursue this interest. 

Image credits: All via and courtesy of Dmitri Korolkov © 2010


Anonymous said...

Hi Nick,
It is great to see such an interest in the subject- not to mention the beautiful model- from a young person. Thanks for sharing this with us....

Mark Smith said...

I didn't catch Dmitri's son's name in the info provided. I agree with Nick; beyond the builder's age, it's a very fine piece of work! Congratulations to him, and we look forward to his future models.

Getting to see such fine models from all over the world, different interpretations of color and weathering (Mr.Fauste's beautiful Oscar one post below is a great example) is one of the real treats of this site. I remember devouring *anything* about Japanese WWII subjects way back when Scale Modeler and the IPMS periodicals were the only modeling magazines. Sometimes it could be a long time between such items. We have it so much better now - a free click away. Thanks again Nick!