Monday 24 June 2013

1960's Era Fujimi "One Hundred Series" A6M3 Model 32 Box Art!

Further to the blog post about 1963-era Zero kits Gustavo Antonelli very kindly sent these wonderful images of the imaginative box art and instructions from the original Fujimi A6M3 Model 32 "One Hundred Series" No.2 kit mentioned in his comment. 

Image credits: Kit and box art © circa 1960s Fujimi Mokei Co. Ltd. via Gustavo Antonelli


Anonymous said...

Never seen boxart like this, thank you Gustavo and Nick for showing this to us.


Ken Glass said...

Thanks for posting these, Gustavo and Nick.

Ken Glass

Ryan B. said...

Wow, the background Zeroes in the first image look like early Fiat G.50s -- and I can't tell which is in front of the other.
I also like the intermediate position of the B-25's dorsal turret in the second image.
What a treat!