Wednesday 2 April 2014

1/48th Kit-bash Ki-61-II Kai 'Bubbletop' Link

The Nichimo retrospective back in October last year included a link to a superb build of their 1/48th scale Ki-51 'Sonia' by Tetsuya Inoue. Now Tetsuya has an impressive build of a Ki-61-II Kai 'bubbletop' on the go here involving a kit-bash from the Hasegawa 1/48th scale Ki-100 Otsu and Ki-61-I  Tei kits and well worth a look. Hope to see more of his Japanese aircraft subjects in future.

Thanks to Tetsuya for kindly providing the link and to Ronnie Olsthoorn for contributing the evocative heading image of his awesome 3D Mitsubishi A6M2 in this 75th Anniversary month of the Zero's first flight.

Image credit: © 2014 Ronnie Olsthoorn


Terry said...

Very impressive work. Thanks for the link!

Tetsuya Inoue said...

I'm so honored to be kindly introduced in such a glorious and cool way !
Thank you so much Nick, thank you Terry for your kind comment and thanks to Ronnie for your great and immpressive art work...

Tetsuya Inoue

Ronnie Olsthoorn said...

Wow Tetsuya, that Ki-61 engine is absolutely amazing! Both models look excellent. Great work!

Thanks for your kind words, gentlemen! The Zero image was produced to celebrate the Zero's 75th birthday (first flight 1 April 1939).


Tetsuya Inoue said...

Thanks again for your encouraging words, Ronnie !

I often see your great art works,but this image of ZERO is especially amazing...
It's simple but seems to have deep meanings, looks strong but fragile just like a samurai's sword and evoke rising sun and declining sun at the same time.
We Japanese express such a cool subject with the adjective "SHIBUI"...

Tetsuya Inoue

Ken Glass said...

Fabulous work, Tetsuya . Thanks for sharing your build photos.

Ken Glass

Tetsuya Inoue said...

Thanks Ken for your kind comment!


Tetsuya Inoue

Karel Struna said...

Hi Tetsuya,

I really look forward to see Your finished Ki-61. I hope Nick will have the rights to publish some images of your finished model.

Tetsuya Inoue said...

Thanks a lot Karel !

Off course yes I hope so too, if Nick would kindly accept that !


Straggler 脱走兵 said...

Hi Tetsuya

Photos of your models will always be very welcome here and it will be a privilege to show them. Please contact me via the email link in the webpage sidebar and I shall arrange it, many thanks.


Tetsuya Inoue said...

Thanks Nick !
Yes I will send some pics when I finish my Ki-61.


Tetsuya Inoue

Ronnie Olsthoorn said...

Thanks for your kind words regarding the Zero image Tetsuya! The sunrise/set can indeed be interpreted in multiple ways, which adds a bit of mystery to what's otherwise a very simplistic image. I am happy you noticed this!

Thanks and keep up the excellent modelling work!