Sunday 10 May 2015

VE Day - 1945-2015

“Yours is such a special generation – stoical, loyal, indefatigable and dutiful. You have been the bedrock of this country for all these years and it will not be the same without you. We salute you with all our hearts.” 
                            (HRH The Prince of Wales)

Above, the 51st Highland Division of XXX Corps march through Bremerhaven on 17 May 1945. They are not ceremonial soldiers but the frontline troops who fought their way from Normandy to Germany and had been in battle less than two weeks before the parade.

Liberation, 15 April 1945


Terry said...

Thank you for this, Nick. Quite humbling, really.

Unknown said...

Congratulations with VE Day to all Allied soldiers and sailors! Their heroic actions in North Africa, Arctic convoys, Battle of Atlantic, Battle of Britain, Normandy landings and liberation of Europe will never be forgotten. Many thanks for all who gave their lifes for free world, for our future.

George Bryant said...

I was fortunate to witness the Fly Over in Washington, DC. Very impressive.

WD said...

Nothing but respect and admiration for our Allies. I will never forget them.