Monday 24 October 2016

IJN Greens

This 36 page analysis report is now available in PDF and contains more than 20 rendered colour chips with 7 comparison tables and schematics. A total of 17 hobby paints are measured, compared and discussed. The contents are as follows:-

The Early References
The Thorpe Colours
Other References
IJN Kariki 117 Colour Standards
Kugisho Report No.0266
Document 8609
Visual Comparisons of D1 and D2
Pigments and Degradation
Hobby Paint Colour Comparisons
Other Hobby Paint Considerations

£12.99 via email. Registered purchasers will be entitled to any further updates, additions or revisions free of charge. 


Ronnie Olsthoorn said...

O, that looks like it could be handy for my current project! ;)
Great job!

Pat Donahue said...

Absolute first rate treatment of this subject, I understand why Nick called the IJN greens a "deep dark subject" The author/ researcher literally takes one through a historical trip in this subject. Covering what happened in WW2 with Japanese testing of these colors and their evolution to the historical studies of what these colors were thought to look like in the early days of modeling publications as well as serious research into these colors by IJNAF historians. This is the information I have been waiting for. Good read!
Pat D

Unknown said...

I am new to the blog and totally lost. How do I go about obtaining/purchasing the items/articles? The PDF on the IJN Greens is my primary goal for now.

Straggler 脱走兵 said...

Hi Mark

Scroll down the sidebar on the right to "Contact Straggler", click on the link and send me an email.


Richard said...

I just finished reading Nick's new PDF. A thorough and focused treatment as always. The discussion cut through the confusion both on the historical aspects of the topic and from the perspective of the modeler.

I would also add that there are enough touches of academic rigor to let the reader know that serious research was undertaken both on the current topic as well as color and paints in general, while not so much as to scare off the lay reader. This is a difficult balance to achieve and Nick did it well.

Bottom line? Recommended for the student of Japanese aviation.

Ken Glass said...

This is a great reference, Nick. Thanks for the time and effort to pull it together.

Ken Glass

Unknown said...

Nick. I'm sorry. I should have gotten back to you and let you know that I was able to sign in and purchase the IJN Greens and other products. They are well worth the price and I applaud your efforts and results in trying to sort out the enigma of WWII colors, especially for the Japanese.

Happy Holidays