Monday 9 October 2017

Stewart Nunn's Tiger-Tailed Dinahmic-Duo in 1/72

Stewart Nunn  has very kindly shared these images of his completed 1/72 Hasegawa 'Tiger Unit' limited edition combo from 2014 featuring the Mitsubishi Ki-46-II and Ki-46-III. The models represent aircraft of Dokuritsu Hiko No.18 Chutai (18 Independent Air Squadron) at different times, the Ki-46-II from 1943 and the Ki-46-III from 1944. The unit served in China from August 1942 until the end of the war.

Stewart built the models straight from the box using only Eduard canopy masks. The Ki-46-II overall paint finish is Sovereign Hobbies Colourcoats ACJ12 Hairyokushoku (grey green). 

The national markings were masked and sprayed with Colourcoats ACJ20 Hinomaru Red, whilst the yellow leading edge IFF strips were ACJ19 - ID Yellow. The kit decals were used for the tail marking and according to Stewart were very nicely produced and worked perfectly.

The Ki-46-III was finished on the upper surfaces with ACJ22 IJA Ohryoku nana go shoku (the late war olive drab colour) and for the under surfaces Stewart mixed that paint with white to approximate the tonal contrast seen in photographs. 

Again the Hinomaru and IFF strips were painted on, with the tiger insignia from the kit decal sheet. Stewart reports that both kits went together really well resulting in a very pleasant build and that he was very happy with the finished result. 

With special thanks to Stewart for sharing these images of his two excellent models of the elegant and aerodynamic Type 100 Command Reconnaissance Plane (Hyaku Shiki Shireibu Teisatsu-ki - 百式司令部偵察機) known to the men who flew her as 'New Command Recce' (Shin Shi-tei - 新司偵), to the Allies as 'Dinah' ("with the finah linah") and to generations of modellers as the Ki-46. 

Image credits: All model photos © 2017 Stewart Nunn; box art © 2014 Hasegawa Corporation via Hobby Search


Anonymous said...

Beautiful examples of a beautiful aircraft. Love the grey green shade of the first one. Something seems a little off in the shape of the fuselage in the third picture of the Ki-46-III model. Maybe it's just the angle of the photograph.

Wind Swords

Stefan Sjöberg said...

Nice builds of an elegant aircraft.


Mark Smith said...

It's inspiring to see this beauties *built* - partly because it is so rare to find any photos or build articles online of the Hasegawa kits, but also for the lovely job on both; makes me want to search these paints out. Thanks for bringing them to us, Nick.

Ken Glass said...

Nice work, Stewart. Thanks for sharing.

Ken Glass