Monday 6 May 2019

Tetsuya Inoue's Ki-61-II 'Bubbletop' Project in 1/48

Following on from the last Aviation of Japan update on his project Tetsuya Inoue has shared these photos of his continuing superlative model engineering work. Tetsuya calls this a work-in-regression rather than a work-in-progress thanks to new information in the KHI book 'The Resoration Records of Ki-61' which required him remake some parts to make them more precise. 

The full progress report can be found at Tetsuya's blog here. Please follow it to enjoy all the painstaking work and astonishing detail that Tetsuya has put into this project. Previous Aviation of Japan progress updates may be found at this blog for October 2018, March 2018 and June 2017.

With special thanks to Tetsuya for this update and for sharing these photos of his remarkable model engineering project. In 1/24 or 1/32 scale this work would be impressive but in 1/48 scale it is nothing short of absolutely outstanding. 

Image credit: All photos © 2019 Tetsuya Inoue


Dan Salamone said...

Amazing as always, and an inspiration. Thanks for sharing these!


Bob Alford said...


Bob Alford
Lampang Thailand

Anonymous said...

Being that Tetsuya is not a native English speaker, I believe the devices he refers to as "dumpers" are in fact dampers.

Wind Swords

Michael Thurow said...

I often thought I’m crazy because of my modest deep-dive into detail. Tetsuya gives me all the justification to try rven harder. Outstanding work!

Vedran said...

Beautiful. I'm glad that the project continues.

Tetsuya Inoue said...

Thank you all for your kindest comments! You encourage me very strongly.
And also thanks to Wind for your pointing out. Yes those are dampers not dumpers. If dumper (trucks), my Ki-61 could be longer than USS Enterprise!!
Finally, thank you Nick for your introducing my work again and again. It’s always great honor to me.

Ken Glass said...

Excellent work, Tetsuya.