Saturday 13 June 2020

Some More Japanese Aviation Vehicle and Equipment Gems from Dan Salamone

Here is a quartet of more Japanese aviation related vehicle and equipment gems from the workbench of Dan Salamone, as described in his own words.


"First one is the Tamiya Kurogane. I built this when it was brand new, back around 2008 I believe. I painted it with Gunze "cowl color" from the Mr. Color lacquer line. It was not heavily weathered, but a few years ago I went back and refinished the model with paints and pigments, and gave it a dullcoat. IMO, the Hasegawa kit of the Kurogane is much better, with more delicate detail and a full engine assembly (the Tamiya kit is a "curbside" model, without engine detail).

"Next the Hasegawa Type 97 motorcycle and sidecar. This was painted using Tamiya spray paint, and weathered with Vallejo paints and pigments. This bike was based on a Harley Davidson design, and was used by both the IJN and IJA.

"Third is the Tamiya Komatsu bulldozer. I have several images of these being used as aircraft tugs (without the dozer blade attached). One image shows an example towing a Pete out of the ocean, and another is from a land based bomber airfield. The paint was again Tamiya spray, and much like the Kurogane, a few years after completion I went back and refinished it with paints and pigments.

"Finally is the Hasegawa airfield fire extinguisher model, which was included with one of the Isuzu TX40 kits. Paint is a custom mix using Vallejo acrylics, same weathering techniques as above. Brengun now makes one of these as well as an airfield oil drum cart, in both 1/48 and 1/32 scale.

"These models add a lot of interest to my display case when set alongside aircraft models. I really wish that Hasegawa had continued with airfield vehicle models, as we really need a model of the Toyota starter truck! I have asked both Fine Molds and Wingsy to fill that void."

With very special thanks to Dan for sharing these images and describing the models. 

Image credit: All © 2020 Dan Salamone


Michael Thurow said...

That's great - thank you! They are so nice.

Alex said...

Nice team. Look like real ones.
As the the “Torpedo truck”, as the “Babs”.
Beatiful models.

Dan Salamone said...

Thank you, Michael and Alex. Appreciate the kind words!


Ken Glass said...

Very fine work, Dan. Thanks for sharing Dan & Nick. Do you have a photo of these vehicles grouped together?

Dan Salamone said...

Hi Ken, sorry to say that I don't.


Unknown said...

Very beautiful work, and thanks so much for letting us have a look at these. I too wish to see more support vehicles and equipment.


Dan Salamone said...

Thank you very much, Warren!


Anonymous said...

These look great! I especially like the Komatsu tractor - where can the photo you mentionned (with the Pete floatplane) be found?

Thanks and cheers,
Peter Rathgeb

Dan Salamone said...

Thank you for the kind words, Peter. The book is one of the compilation volumes from around 15 years ago, I believe from Bunrindo. I'm not at home currently, so can't check on the exact title. There were 2 volumes, one IJN and the other IJA.


Straggler 脱走兵 said...

Forgive my intercesson Peter and Dan. The book referred to is 'Imperial Japanese Navy Air Units Battlefield photograph collection' published by Dainippon Kaiga Co.,Ltd.,in December 2003. Although I can see no ISBN listed the book is well worth obtaining for anyone planning an IJN aircraft diorama as it has many photos and sketches of ground equipment and activity including a wheeled Komatsu (?) tractor with the rear wheels tripled on each side. On page 115 an Emily is being hauled by such a tractor and that would be one for Dan's conversion skills!

Dan Salamone said...

Thanks so much for this Nick, that is indeed the book! And the wheeled tractors are an interest for sure....