Monday 10 August 2020

1/72 Zeke Duo by Ernest Pazmany

Ernest Pazmany has recently completed a trio of modelling projects whilst quarantining at home in Arizona and has kindly shared these images and details of the first two, a pair of 1/72 A6M5 models made from the Fine Molds (Model Graphix magazine issue) and Tamiya kits.

The Fine Molds (FM) kit was finished as '320-85', a 652 Ku Nakajima-built A6M5 as flown from the carrier Junyo during the Mariana Sea battle in June 1944. Ernest used the decals from the Tamiya kit as he found the FM supplied decals just 'ok'. The Tamiya kit represents '9-151', a Mutsubishi-built A6M5 from the Rabaul Air Group on New Britain, circa 1943-44. 

Both models were painted with Colourcoats enamels which Ernest rates as the best (together with Xtracolor) but with the plea "let’s get to a point where they can be freely sent to us here in the North American market. They are indispensable, providing the best, durable finish!" Petty postal restrictions on tiny tins of enamel hobby paint, imposed as a result of the usual over-staffed political meddling and risk averse overkill are indeed a scandal. The paint was thinned with a 50/50 mix of mineral spirits and xylene, to  provide a fast drying and smooth finish.

The decals were applied over several coats of Floquil Pollyscale water based gloss. Panel line details were picked out with MIG dark and brown pigments. The final flat coat on the models is Testors flat lacquer with a few drops of gloss lacquer added to create a slight sheen. Ernest gives a note of reassurance to fellow modelers who might be concerned about sprayed applications of acrylic/water based paints, enamels, and lacquers over one type or another - it’s safe to do so, provided plenty of drying time is allowed, as in days or a week.... or more.

Ernest's impressions of his 1/72 Zekes are that the FM/ModelGraphix magazine kit is fine, actually quite nice. But he found that the Tamiya version has a beefier, more aesthetically pleasing look with a better parts fit than the FM. 

With special thanks to Ernest for kindly sharing these images of two very neat looking Model 52 Zekes together with details about their completion. Ernest's third completed project, to a larger scale, will follow . . .

Image credit: All photos © 2020 Ernest Pazmany


Dan Salamone said...

Very nicely done, thanks for sharing them with us. I don't build in 1/72, but saw the Fine Molds kit first hand was was very impressed with it as far as the detail and moldings.


Michael Thurow said...

Both look great! The kits are difficult to differentiate. In some pictures the FM model looks smarter and in others the Tamiya. Fantastic work in the small scale!

Bill Gilman said...

Nice work on the models. While I share the comments about postal regulations concerning hobby paint, an easier remedy would be for the US stockist (H&B Hobbies) to keep an adequate inventory. My understanding is that this issue is being addressed.


Baronvonrob said...

Well Done Sir !

Thanks for sharing ..It's still Tamiya paints for me...though I very much appreciate your recommendation and may indeed give them a try :)

Ken Glass said...

Very nice work, Ernest. Thanks for sharing them with us.