Thursday 2 July 2009

The Nimble Pete, Biplane Pearl of the South Pacific

An evocative image of a Mitsubishi F1M "Pete" drawn up on a tropical beach "somewhere" in the South Pacific (?). No doubt the unit code "P1-5" will have the cogniscenti pondering as it does not appear to conform to those commonly listed.

Plus a contemporary painting of another "Pete" getting airborne (or is it landing?). These may be of interest or incentive to those who have resisted the urge to build their new Hasegawa 1/48th kits!

Image credits: Painting 零戦落穂ひろい (


JohnMacG said...

'P1' is probably the code for the 902 Ku, which was spread betweeb Truk, New Ireland and Palau on anti-sub escort duties.
The pic likely dates from March 1943.

Haydn said...

Interesting photo of a 'Pete' in the South Pacific and that of the group in front of it. I wonder who the two women are, would they be Japanese, island natives, or other nationals? They seem to feel at ease having their photo taken with the Japanese airmen and the whole group looks relaxed.