Friday 18 November 2011

New Tamiya A6M5 in 1/72nd Scale!

It looks like Tamiya are joining the ranks of those offering new mold Zero fighter kits in the one true scale with a new 1/72nd scale kit of the A6M5. The kit will be available in February 2012 although some Japanese mail order outlets are already accepting pre-orders. It will retail for around 1,400¥ (about £11.50 or US$18) although HLJ are offering it on pre-order for 1,200¥ (about £9.99 or US$15.60). This, together with the description "affordable" in the Tamiya blurb, suggests it is being marketed in direct competition to the Fine Molds "magazine instalment" A6M5 @ 3,048¥ (about £25 or US$40).

Tamiya already have some very fine 1/72nd scale aircraft kits in their catalogue so this is welcome news. Let's hope a scaled down version of their beautiful Type 22 follows!

Hat tip to Jeff Groves for the heads up, thanks.

Image credit: © 2011 Tamiya Inc., via Hobby Search 1999

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