Tuesday 1 November 2011

Stop Press! AZ Models 1/72 Mitsubishi Ki-30 "Ann"

Three versions to be released by AZ Models, as shown here. Mixed feelings about this. Great to see a new kit (and about time) but perhaps now unlikely we will see this in mainstream form from Hasegawa, Fujimi, Fine Molds - or Airfix!!!

"China" version now available at Hannants @ £19.40.

And Thai version with French option.

Parts and instructions. 

Image credits: All images © 2011 AZ Models


Milo Burgh said...

Nice to see this plane in kit form.
Bytheway, I sometimes wonder how this plane carried only a crew of two. Who aimed the bombs? Was the plane equiped with a bombsight? And I saw a pic with two men in the rear cockpit.

Ken Glass said...

Hello Emilio,

Refer to step 2 on the instructions page Nick has posted for us, part number 29. I believe that part is supposed to represent a bomb sight, mounted in the rear cockpit.

Ken Glass

Milo Burgh said...

Curiuous. It reminds me the bombsight on a B5N Kate. So the observer sights through the bombbay.

Milo Burgh said...

And I wonder how the bombs were arranged in the bombbay.

Joe Youngerman said...

Isn't this kit just a re-pop of AML's kit from a few years back? The parts breakdown looks the same and AZ Models has done this before. Its not a bad kit with some work...maybe Sword will give us one at some point.

Straggler 脱走兵 said...

I don't think AML ever released a Ki-30 - you might mean Pavla? Planet released a resin kit.

The bombsight is supposed to represent the Type 88 which was a development of the First World War German Goerz type incorporating drift angle correction. It was tubular in design and stood vertically but there was a protruding box panel facing the operator and the shape of the optical head unit does not appear to be very well represented by the AZ part. As Emilio notes it was used with the bomb doors open. This type of bombsight was eventually replaced by the Type 99 Light Reflector Sight, a more conventional design which was better suited for low-level bombing. For that reason it is often incorrectly referred to as a "low-level" bombsight.

Joe Youngerman said...

Hmmm, I have one in my stash somewhere but I think you're right...Pavla. I've never seen the Planet kit so can't comment on that one.

Straggler 脱走兵 said...

AML produced kit of a B5M1 "Mabel" which is somewhat similar in configuration - could that be the one in your stash? There was also a Wings vacform but I cannot remember whether there was also an early CMK release in resin.

Joe Youngerman said...

Ahhh, yes, after checking I have both actually! Thanks! :)


R. Vieira said...

AZ bought several 1st generation moulds from Pavla. I don't know whether they improved them or not. Pavla's Ki-30 was rather 'so-so', so I hope AZ improved it a bit.