Monday 2 April 2012

Tamiya 1/72nd A6M5

Having now had an opportunity to examine this superb kit in direct comparison with the "magazine-issue" Fine Molds version my suspicions about the cowling of the latter, expressed here, can be confirmed. The difference is subtle but the Tamiya cowling is slightly beefier in cross section with the upper line in profile not tapering so much. The availability of the Tamiya kit - and its price - make this issue academic. But I hope Tamiya's deft strategy discourages further expensive "magazine issue" kits. The generous Tamiya box can also comfortably house the Fine Molds kit in the stash, rather than the two A4 size boxes it came in.

Tamiya suggest their generic XF-71 IJN Interior Green for the cockpit despite the fact that the markings options include both Mitsubishi and Nakajima-built aircraft. They also indicate that the decking beneath the canopy should be painted in the interior green colour rather than the anti-glare colour. Wrong.

Image credit: Box Art © 2012 Tamiya Inc.,


Mario said...

This was posted on 72nd scale a/c board yesterday 04/02:
...It's (Fine Molds) cowl is undersized and this is very noticeable..."
Hm, I did some measurements:
FM / Tamiya / FAOW plans 1/72 /Koku-Fan #53 plans 1/72*
H : 16.8 / 17.35 / 17.55 / 17.58
W : 16.4 / 16.45 / 16.30 / 16.32
L : 14.60 / 14.50 / 15.00 / 15.12
Front : 10.30 / 10.50 / 10.50 / 10.52
* converted from 1/48 plans
In direct comparison FM v.Tamiya the biggest difference is 0.55mm in height in favor of Tamiya then.
Visual, side-by-side comparison does give an impression that FM is slightly smaller.
Definitely not very noticeable overall, IMHO.
in NYC

Straggler 脱走兵 said...

Er, I noticed, even without the measurements . . . ;-)

Anonymous said...

Just succeeded in getting the Airfix A6M2- a 'hard to get one' over here- Petr Prause's built clearly shows how good it is! I do have that Fine Molds A6M5 but have not built it yet because it's looks are just not right.
When that Tamiya kit is on sale I 'll go for it and trust
it is just fine!


peedeel said...

For some time now I’ve lurked and studied your blog without once saying “Hi, hullo, how are you” or anything else come to that. For which I now apologise.

It is a thankless task writing and updating any blog – especially a blog such as this one; a simple glance at content should convince even a total numptie like myself that this is a labour of love!

Ever entry reeks of enthusiasm for its subject. And I confess, of an evening, when I have free time, I love to prowl through your blog archive reading old posts. For example, the one you made on the Airfix Ki-46.

This was the first kit of a Japanese aircraft that I ever constructed; I purchased it after reading a piece on the kit in Flying Review – where it was described as kit perfection! I had to have it. And even after so many years, I can recall how well it went together, and how good it looked when finally completed.

Since that time, I must confess, I became something of an enthusiast for Japanese aircraft of the thirties through to nineteen forty-four (I have a similar interest in Italian aviation over the same period), which blossomed into an interest in the Japanese army and navy over the same period, and the whole history of the Pacific war.

But enough of me. Once again my thanks for such a brilliant blog, a fabulous resource. Please do keep up the good work. And please do remember, while we may not say so every time you make a new blog entry here, I’m certain many others like myself think – “WOW” – what great info! And would wish you all the best for sharing such research based on your hard work with us all.

Thank you.


Straggler 脱走兵 said...

Thank you very kindly Peedeel. I very much appreciate you writing that comment and am humbled by it.


Anonymous said...

I too am a frequent visitor to this blog/site (or whatever). I consider anything expressed here to be worth reading and learning from. Nick, you don't remember me, but a year or two ago you went out of your way to help answer several questions I posed on J-Aircraft on the Ki 45. Your help was VERY informative and much appreciated. I look forward to anything with your name on it!

G. Brian James

Straggler 脱走兵 said...

Thank you Mr James! It is very kind of you to say so.