Thursday 12 October 2017

Rising Conversion Sets ~ Pete and Jake

Two recent 1/72 accessory sets from Rising Decals, really mini-conversion resin sets with decal sheets for a single aircraft, focus on IJN floatplanes. 

Set RD Acr-036 provides an early style cowling and two bladed propeller to build the Mitsubishi F1M2 'Pete' prototype from the Fujimi kit and finish it in overall grey with the tail code コ-M25. The resin parts consist of a sharply moulded replacement cowling, together with a propeller boss and two separate propeller blades. These will require careful cutting from the resin moulding plugs they are attached to. The decal sheet consists of six plain Hinomaru and the requisite tail codes in black. 

Set RD Acr-038 provides beefed-up rear armament for the Hasegawa Aichi E13A1 'Jake' in the form of a Type 99 Mk 1 20mm flexible cannon. The resin parts in this set consist of the exquisitely moulded cannon, separate magazine and gun mount which will require modification of the canopy and rear fuselage for display. The subject of the decal sheet is in standard finish of dark green over grey with the white tail code 58-081 to represent an aircraft of 958 Ku at Rabaul in June 1943. Note that the wing stencil lines shown in the schematic should be silver - aluminium painted - and not yellow as shown. 

Rising Decals continues to produce interesting accessory and decal sets for lesser known Japanese variants and these should appeal to IJN enthusiasts as well as floatplane enthusiasts in general.  

With special thanks to Mirek of Rising Decals for the samples.

Image credits:- All © 2017 Rising Decals


Anonymous said...

Hi Nick,

Was the rear firing 20mm cannon of the E13A a field modification?

Wind Swords

David Brizzard said...

Jake Silver wing stencil lines, not Yellow.
I would like to learn more. Please advise.

Straggler 脱走兵 said...

Wind Swords - According to Francillon there was a field modification on late production aircraft for a downwards firing 20mm. Presumably this was a similar field mod.

David Brizzard - similar and original wing stencil (walkway)lines on the Kawanishi H8K are 30mm silver (painted) as confirmed by Museum of Maritime Science examination, reported and shown in Aero Detail 31. Other sources confirm that this paint was required to be to the Kariki 117 P1 silver colour (gin iro - 銀色) standard.


WD said...

These look great!


Ken Glass said...

Thanks for this notice, Nick.

Ken Glass

David S. said...

The picture of コ-M25 in FAOW indeed shows the six-part windshield, nevertheless, in my opinion, the initial design would be more appropriate for what "prototype" implies in the first glimpse.

Unfortunately for me, most of their assortment is only in 72nd scale anyways. But very interesting stuff.