Sunday 1 September 2019

More Dead Design Goodies - 1/72 scale

Jan Hajicek's prolific Dead Design Models has recently released a plethora of goodies to enhance many different Japanese subject kits in both 1/72 and 1/48 scales. They include canopy masks, a real boon for those with older but still decent kits in their stashes, vacform canopy replacements, resin replacement control surfaces and 'Optical Illusion' masks for control surfaces. 

 VM72056 Canopy & Glazing Masks for the Arii (ex-LS) C5M2 Kit

Released in June were canopy masks for the following 1/72 kits:-

VM72006 Fine Molds Ki-61-1 Hien Otsu/Hei - includes wing light and main wheel discs
VM72009 Dragon Ki-61 Hien -includes wing light and main wheel discs
VM72038 Fine Molds A6M2/3 Model 21, 22 and 32 Zero - open + closed canopy and main wheel discs
VM72039 Fine Molds A6M5 Model 52 Zero - - open + closed canopy and main wheel discs  (see heading photo)
VM72042 Sword J2M5 Raiden  - includes main wheel discs
VM72050 Hasegawa Ki-51 Sonia - includes side and ventral glazing plus main wheel discs
VM72051 Fujimi B6N1/2 Tenzan - includes side and ventral glazing plus main wheel discs
VM72053 Sword Ki-84 Hayate - includes main wheel discs
VM72054 Sword C6N1/1-S Saiun - includes ventral glazing and main wheel discs 
VM72055 Fujimi C6N1/2 Saiun - includes ventral glazing and main wheel discs 
VM72056 Arii (ex-LS) C5M2 Babs - includes side, ventral and wing light glazing, plus main wheel discs (shown above)
VM7263 Fine Molds A7M1/2 Reppu - includes bullet proof glass and main wheel discs 
VM72064 Sword Tachikawa Ki-106 - includes main wheel discs
VM72065 RS Models Nakajima Ki-87 - includes all wheel discs 
VM72066 RS Models Tachikawa Ki-94 II - includes main wheel discs
VM72067 Clear Prop! Mitsubishi A5M2b Early - includes main wheel discs

In addition set VM72068 provides masks for national insignia to replace the decals in Clear Prop! Mitsubishi A5M2b Early.

SM72004 is an innovative 'Optical Illusion' mask (shown above) for creating a rib and fabric effect on both surfaces of the ailerons, elevators and rudder of the Fujimi or AVI Models family of kits of the Mitsubishi A5M Claude.  

VM72070 Canopy Mask for Hasegawa Ki-46-II  'Dinah' Trainer

In August the following 1/72 canopy masks were added to the range:-

VM72022 Aoshima Ki-61-1d - with main wheel discs
VM72023 Aoshima Ki-61-II (Fastback) 
VM72024 Aoshima Ki-61-II (Bubbletop)
VM72025 Aoshima Ki-100 I (Fastback)
VM72026 Aoshima Ki-100 I (Bubbletop)
VM72027 Fujimi Ki-36/55 Ida - includes side and ventral glazing
VM72047 Hasegawa Ki-46-II - includes all glazing
VM72049 Hasegawa Ki-46-III - includes all glazing
VM72069 Hasegawa Ki-46-III Kai Interceptor - includes all glazing
VM72070 Hasegawa Ki-46-II Trainer  (shown above) - includes all glazing
VM72071 Fujimi D3A1 Val - includes all glazing
VM72072 Fujimi D3A2 Val - includes all glazing
VM72073 Fine Molds A6M1/2a - includes both canopies
VM72075 Hasegawa J7W Shinden

VM72074 National Insignia Masks for Fine Molds A6M1/2a Combo Kit

In addition set VM72074 provides masks for national insignia and tail codes to replace the decals for both versions in Fine Molds A6M21/2a combo kits (shown above). 

SM72001 'Optical Illusion' Mask for control surfaces of Fine Molds Ki-43-1 Hayabusa Kit

And the following additional 'Optical Illusion' masks for control surfaces:-

SM72001 Fine Molds Ki-43-1 Hayabusa control surfaces (shown above)
SM72002 Fujimi Ki-43-1 Hayabusa control surfaces
SM72003 Tamiya Ki-61-1d control surfaces
SM72005 Fine Molds A6M21/2a - both versions
SM72006 Aoshima Ki-61-1/II Hien & Ki-100
SM72007 Fine Molds Ki-61-1Hien

 RM72003 Corrected Control Surfaces for Fujimi/AVI Models A5M Claude Kit

In addition set RM72003 provides corrected control surfaces in resin for Fujimi/AVI Models A5M Claude kit (shown above).

With special thanks to Jan for sharing details of these useful and innovative enhancements to 1/72 Japanese aircraft models.   

Image credit: All © 2019 Jan Hajicek and Dead Design Models


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Thanks for the heads-up, Jan & Nick.

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Thank you for making me aware of this manufacturer Nick. I've been away for a while, just got back, lots to catch up on.