Monday 2 December 2019

Horatio Hernández ~ Study and Showcase

Continuing the retrospective for Horatio Hernández and Friendship Scale Models (FSM), here are pictures of his study, showcase and modelling awards, courtesy of correspondent Guillermo.

Horatio's showcase collection  of excellent 1/72 Japanese aircraft models

Horatio's array of modelling awards

The relative size of the Ki-77 model (FSM-002) is noteworthy.

The inevitable stash of unmade kits, sadly so often left behind

Aviation of Japan salutes Horatio's memory and his pioneering venture in rare Japanese aircraft kit subjects, with very special thanks to Guillermo for sharing these images and making this retrospective possible.

Image credit: All photos © 2019 Guillermo with kind permission of Mrs Hernández  


Ken Glass said...

Thanks for sharing, Guillermo & Nick.

Mark Smith said...

Beautiful models and a story and life I should have known more about. Thanks for sharing it, Guillermo, and for a place to read something like this without dodging ads, Nick.