Wednesday 23 December 2020

Kevin Bade's 1/72 Kawasaki Ki-48

Still on the theme of Army twins Kevin Bade has very kindly shared these images of his excellent 1/72 scale Kawasaki Ki-48 'Lily' model, built from the classic Hasegawa (ex-Mania) kit.

Kevin built the model about ten years ago from the 1995 Hasegawa special edition release with 1-1 missile and commends the kit as a joy to build and truly a fine example of Mania's then cutting edge technology with fine panel lines, a wonderful fit and a really well detailed interior for the 1970s. An Eduard photo-etch set was used to augment the interior but little can be seen even with the kit canopies carefully cut and positioned open. Eduard masks were indispensable for painting the canopy frames.

Aeromaster paints from Kevin's stock were used as he finds those the best airbrushing paints he has ever used, grey for the overall colour with dark green camouflage blotching. The hinomaru are kit decals whilst the tail insignia came from an unknown aftermarket sheet representing the 1st Shotai leader's aircraft from the 2nd Chutai of Hiko Dai 8 Sentai, a mixed reconnaissance and light bomber regiment.

With very special thanks to Kevin for sharing these images of an excellent model made from a classic and not yet surpassed kit of this widely used Japanese light bomber. 

Image credit: All photos © 2020 Kevin Bade


Unknown said...

what a great build,

Baronvonrob said...

Such a lovely Lily!

Masterful overall workmanship along with a very high level of interior detail not to forget the bold and successful choice of the open canopy

Thanks for sharing your excellent Ki48 Kevin and Nick

Happy Holidays to all

Alex said...

The excelent model. Painting is great.

Jim Anderson said...

Nice Kevin! I was hoping this subject would show up during the recent Army bomber theme. I have this kit and always enjoy looking it over. Thanks for the "boost" of interest being able to see one built up (and a very attractive end result). Enjoyed the previous Peggy feature and makes me wonder What might be next in the series?

Thank you Straggler.

Mark Smith said...

Another beauty, on all counts, Kevin. As before, really nice photography as well. I have really enjoyed this year's series of your models hosted by the blog.

Those Mania kits were uncharted territory in their day. And this is the best build I've ever seen of their Ki-48. We're still waiting for a 1/48 kit would represent the same quality. Thanks for letting us see it, Nick.

WD said...

What a beautiful build!


Ken Glass said...

Beautiful job, Kevin. Thanks for sharing, Kevin & Nick.

Fred Boucher said...

Extraordinary model! I've built this kit twice and have a third one to try, and hope it will look even a fraction as masterful as this one.

Aeroscale, the acrylic or enamel paint?

Kevin Bade said...

Thanks to all the AoJ fans for the nice comments. I appreciate it all. To answer the paints were the old and wonderful and sadly now unavailable Aeromaster enamels.