Thursday 28 October 2021

Alex Rodionov's 1/72 Aichi D3A2 'Val'

Continuing a mini-theme of IJN attackers Alex Rodionov has very kindly shared these images of his model of the Aichi D3A2 dive bomber made from the 1/72 Fujimi kit, and delightful to see this later version of the iconic 'Val' presented and modelled so well. 

The main paints used to finish the model were Tamiya XF-11 J.N. Green and XF-76 Gray Green (IJN) with markings from Rising Decals Japanese Naval Dive Bombers Pt.II to represent an aircraft of 1081 Ku at Atsugi airbase in 1945. The unit is an interesting one, originally established at Atsugi as a carrier unit on 1 April 1944 but operated as a transport unit when consolidated with 1021 Ku on 15 July 1944. Duties included ferrying various aircraft to other frontline units but the operational history of this particular kanbaku with its replacement ailerons is obscure. 

Alex shared images of his excellent 1/72 A6M5 Zero here back in September 2019 and has also shared images of his 1/72 Nakajima B5N1 'Kate' made from the Airfix kit and to be shown separately.  

With very special thanks to Alex for sharing these images of a very fine model and for his patience in waiting for them to appear.

Image credit: All photos © 2021 Alex Rodionov


Darío Risso said...

Beautiful model, congratulations!!!

Kevin Bade said...

Very well done D3A2 Alex. The subtle effective weathering, the open rear position with the rotated glass and interior detail are a really cool touch. I for one love Fujimis 1/72 Japanese aircraft kits though they apparently got a bad rap for fit, price and lack of detail issues. Where would we be without them? Every one I've built has rewarded me with a fine looking replica.

Baronvonrob said...

Exceptionally well done, Mr. Rodionov !

Such an interesting choice with the contrasting spare ailerons makes for a strikingly attractive "Val" and motivates me to finally stop waiting around and build the Fujimi version

Thanks to Alex and Nick for the always fascinating backstory

WD said...

What a beautiful build! I especially like the over-painted serial on the tail.


Alex said...

Thank you very much for your comments and kind words, gentlemen!
This is very motivating.
And I would like to thank Ryan Toews for his very interesting and useful article of the Aichi D3A1 and, of course, great thanks Nick for everything what he does: books, researches and the Blog.
Poor situation with Val at 1/72 scale had been discussed at the Blog, and, unfortunately, I find old Fujimi kit most reasonable choice , because a build of AIRFIX's kit is too difficult and Dragon/Cyber Hobby is an expensive kit of spare parts:too much need to change.

Mark Smith said...

Alex, so great to see your fine work here; over the years you have been an 'encourager' to many on this blog, and to see your own work is inspiring as well. Long ago, the late Greg Springer once did a marvelous conversion to a D3A2 from the Fujimi 1/48 D3A1, which was really nice kit itself for its era, though it was eclipsed by the later Hasegawa mold.

I've always thought the Fujimi Val 'looked the part' on the rare occasions I've seen one built, and though the Airfix Val is a sentimental favorite for sparking my early interests, Fujimi's kit seems more faithful. I can't remember seeing the D3A2 version done until now however. Thanks for showing us, Nick.

Ken Glass said...

Very nice work, Alex. Thanks for sharing, Alex & Nick.